Alexandra Heminsley – the female George Plimpton

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This week we meet Alex Heminsley, or “Hemmo” – in many ways, the female George Plimpton. She’s an author, reviewer, wit, runner, swimmer, broadcaster, and champion of women in sports.

Alex is incredibly inspiring; she chases down goals with more tenacity and creativity than anyone else I’ve ever met. You may have seen her best-selling book Running Like A Girl, the funny, informative and true story of how she came to run five marathons from a standing start.

Alex’s forthcoming book, Leap In, chronicles her recent adventures in outdoor swimming. And she’s now co-writing the story of tennis pro, trainer and mother of world champions, Judy Murray.

Alex embodies the value of setting ambitious targets and going after them with all your energy and a great attitude. We discuss a life of challenges, sportiness, glamour, creativity and humour in this entertaining chat.

She is also tremendously witty and insightful on social media, and you can follow her on twitter or instagram.


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