Valentina Fois – creative in business

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We all have our dreams – run a gallery, open a cafe, do a Masters degree, learn a language…

Most of us are lazy and distracted and never quite seem to get off the blocks, but serial entrepreneur, curator and marketing guru Valentina Fois has made all these dreams come true for herself, and more.

Valentina’s new cafe Lele’s is open throughout the festive period (in Clapton, East London) and has various seasonal offers HC listeners should check out – including panettonne (of course!) and original art and design work from independent creators, in a specially curated pop-up shop.

We talk about that, plus the future of consumer tech, wake-up calls, being the boss, and more, in this special festive episode.

It’s always great to talk to someone who actually does things rather than just talks about doing themHopefully this chat will give us all a much-needed boost as we go into 2017.

You can follow Valentina on Twitter, and check out her cafe, Lele’s, next time you’re in the area. If you’re enjoying Hack Circus, give us a quick iTunes rating or tell a friend about the show. You can also find us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Snapchat, IRC etc.


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