Hazel Findlay: elite rock climber

Hazel Findlay is a top professional climber, constantly touring the world in search of new adventures, and breaking records. In recent years she has been working as a coach, helping climbers of all abilities to overcome their fears and progress to the next level.

Some of the subjects covered in this chat include idea of mastery vs competitiveness, the mental health benefits of climbing, coaching as a kind of giving back, how climbing is similar to public speaking, managing fear, and how training an awareness of the body helps to increases one’s awareness in general.


This episode was recorded at an arts organisation called Access Space in Sheffield. Access Space supports those developing skills and interests in creative technology and is well worth checking out.

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Hazel’s blog

Hazel’s Wikipedia page

Watch her climb

Libsyn feed (browser)

iTunes link


Spotify coming soon!


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